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Measurable steps towards more inclusive cities worldwide

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

The Local Inclusion Action Tool, developed by OECD, Migration Policy Group (MPG), Welcoming International and Intercultural Cities/Council of Europe, is an attempt to distill the most up-to-date knowledge on what works in terms of migrant and refugee inclusion at the local level. We formulated the following inclusion objectives in an effort to highlight common themes from the previously existing tools, making them action-oriented and adapted to very different contexts. We hope this tool will prove useful in your efforts to enact inclusion policies and practices in your community, and to measure the impact of those efforts. Below is more background on the tool:

· The goal of the LIAT is to offer local policy makers, and other practitioners working at the local level, an action-oriented approach to tangibly advancing migrant and refugee inclusion in their communities.

· The tool focuses on the role of local authorities in the inclusion process, and is designed to be relevant for practitioners working on inclusion in “migrant and refugee arrival countries” or “transit countries,” and relevant for circumstances of labour migration, spontaneous population movements, displacement, resettlement, or complementary pathways.

· The LIAT draws from the wisdom of over 400 towns and cities, whose inclusion standards and indicators form the heart of this tool. The tool also draws on the expertise and frameworks of a large and diverse array of organizations, each of whom aim to support effective inclusion at the local level. Contributors include:

Mayors Migration Council, ODIHR, UCLG- ICMPD, UNHCR, UN Habitat, IOM, the Centre for Mediterranean Integration of the World Bank, UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNICEF, WHO, Eurocities, World Economic Forum, New American Economy, EU Fundamental Human Rights Agency, in addition to Welcoming International, OECD, MPG, Mipex, Intercultural Cities and others.

For any questions related to the tool, please contact David Lubell at Welcoming International at

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